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Here is where you are able to purchase an assortment of things available to use in our in-game servers! (Currently just Pixelmon). Clicking on an item's image will reveal how to use it and what it grants you once you purchase it ! We accept PayPal which offers a variety of ways to pay, including Credit/Debit cards. More payment options will be made available soon

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      Important Notice: PokeClash does not give out refunds, every purchase is final. Your Minecraft username must be the same name you enter when you purchase something, if the incorrect name is typed it is considered a gift. Please read our Terms of Service at checkout. You may contact us in case of some error or bug. 

      Payment disputes or chargebacks will not be tolerated and you will be automatically and permanently banned from our Minecraft Server, Web Store, and possibly other Stores.

      Please read our Terms of Service at checkout before you accept.

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