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I.I All items, services and/or products are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
I.II By agreeing to pay its defined sum, the Customer is agreeing to the nature of the product item or service that is being purchased.
I.III Abusing the usage or presence of benefits can result in the removal of products purchased if determined to have been used to breach the consented Terms of Services and Server Rules.

By purchasing things off of our Website Store, you agree to not charge back any form of payment. All sales are final! No refunds will be given and any dispute information will be handed over to the correct parties if needed. Any and all packages are deemed to be changed at any time without any notifications to current buyers or past purchases. Again, all sales are final!

All donations are greatly appreciated, if you have it to spare, and feel the want to donate, please do.
Feel free to browse the webstore and take a look at all the different donation options.

Chargebacks will be fought and won, I've dealt with dozens of them, and haven't lost a single one.
Fraud will not be tolerated. Do not use your parents card without their permission.
If you chargeback your account will be reset or banned.

No bank account or card?
You can simply make a PayPal and use cash to buy loadable cards at Dollar General, CVS, Walmart, etc. Click here for details.