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Purchase tokens to change an already owned pokemon into its Seasonal form!

(Strictly cosmetic! No added stats)

Valetines Token

7.99 USD

6.39 USD


Shiny Token

9.99 USD

7.99 USD


Christmas Token

7.99 USD

6.39 USD


Community Goal

When the Community Goal is reached, all online players will receive the following rewards:

  • 5 Pokemon Claw Machine Coins
  • 5 Shiny Pokemon Claw Machine Coins
  • 3 Plushie Claw Machine Coins
  • 1 Rewards Claw Machine Coin
  • 1 EXP Share

NOTE: Please have space in your inventory as the items do not drop to the ground. Anyone who doesnt have space will not be given the rewards either.



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